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Animal Kingdom

From playful hues to exotic materials, this collection mirrors the kaleidoscope of the natural world. Diverse textures and colours mimic the intricacies of the animal kingdom, offering a dynamic range that transcends joyful jewellery design.

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Dive into the serenity of the sea with our California Dreaming Collection. Each piece, adorned with captivating turquoise gemstones, evokes the calming embrace of ocean waves. Transport yourself to sun-kissed shores and salty breezes, carrying a piece of the ocean's magic wherever you go.

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Custom Chains for Every Mood. Introducing our versatile chain collection, a symphony of styles, materials, and colours, designed to ignite your creativity. Mix, match, and layer to curate your unique look, or let a solo chain make a bold statement.

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Evil Eye

Discover our captivating Evil Eye collection, a blend of style and ancient symbolism. Each piece features the iconic protective motif, meticulously crafted with vibrant gemstones, glass beads and pearls. Embrace its mystic allure as a personal shield against negativity, radiating confidence and style.

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Kunterbunt is a playful jewellery collection of colourful fun. The main materials used are Murano glass and ceramic beads. Each piece exudes a delightful whimsy, blending humour with vibrant, on-trend hues, resulting in uniquely pieces that marry craftsmanship with artistic flair.

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Introducing the Luna Collection: a mix of sterling silver, stainless steel, colorful gemstones, and freshwater pearls for a trendy, celestial vibe. Add a touch of cosmic charm to your style with Luna!

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Men - Bracelets

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Men - Necklaces

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Pretty Little Things

Introducing "Pretty Little Things," a captivating jewelry collection designed for daily adornment, each piece seamlessly blending elegance with practicality. Embrace the subtle twist in every accessory, a symbolic reminder that even the smallest moments hold the potential for extraordinary beauty.

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